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The Importance of "One"

The Importance of "One"

"This painting started with three white gessoed canvases. One of the paintings was wanting to be on its own and not part of the group. Try as I might I could not get it to join the rest. It wanted its independence, to be important all on its own! I gave up the fight! There is only one actual colour(hue) in this painting, and it is a rare one that it is not being manufactured anymore! The colour is 'Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold'. One of anything has value, sometimes great value. Consider the importance of the following, one colour, one voice, one kind word, one hug, one child, one love, one paycheque, one spice (mine is garlic), one meal. Never think that you are only one person and that you have not made a difference in someone's life. One hue, one you! Isn't it ironic that it took three paintings, then two, to bring me to the realization of the Importance of one?!"



Donna Read



Acrylic on Canvas, Gloss Medium, Cold Wax



18" h x 24" w

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