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Donna Read

"I started painting when I was 35 years old, but when I retired, I really wanted to dig in and study art, especially abstract art. Many people think that abstract art is easier than painting realistically, but I have certainly not found this to be the case. I have been studying art through Nicholas Wilton’s Art2Life Creative Visionary Program since 2019 and I am a member of the Art2Life Academy. I have also studied art through Pamela Caughey’s Art and Success Master Program and have taken several workshops with Joan Fullerton. To have such wonderful artists who are so generous with their knowledge, to inspire and teach me not only about art but about how art relates to life, has been a great blessing."

"It is my intent to express myself intuitively with no initial concrete plan rather than paint a pretty picture. When suddenly, from nothing, something unique and one of a kind shows itself to me, I go with it and bring the painting to its desired completion."

"Nature, especially trees, rocks, and water inspire me at this point in my life. I do not believe that artists are meant to paint the same way or the same things all the time. That would be stifling and squash creativity, in my mind."

"Sometimes, a painting wants to be left alone, just like a reticent child. And so, it sits until it is ready to seek my attention again. Like raising a family, a series of paintings takes time and impatience is the enemy. When a child is being stubborn often a new experience, a distraction from the current situation will bring them around. I find that that is exactly what I have to do with my art. I need to make a different bolder move to have something to react to and suddenly the relationship between the painting and myself changes and we can communicate again. There has been hope, love and patience poured into these paintings." My current series is called “Life Lessons” and it is my hope that these paintings speak to people the more they observe them."

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