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Taking It All In

Taking It All In

"In our family we call these funny looking Occidentalis Anemones, “Truffula Trees.”When we see them out on the hiking trail it’s pretty common for us all to break into a chorus of a song from Dr. Seuss’s, The Lorax. Imagine the excitement when we came upon this amazing meadow covered in so many fuzzy white wildflowers! The long and steady climb up to Sentinel Pass is rewarded with this unbelievable view. As you stand amongst the massive boulders and look across at the massive mountain tops and glaciers, you get the feeling of being absolutely microscopic. Grab a seat up on a big rock and take it all in - the trickling streams, the glassy lakes, the spongy moss beds, the sparse trees and the millions of wildflowers! Enjoy the view!"



Amanda Long



Acrylic on Canvas



24" h x 48" w

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