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Amanda Long

Amanda Maglis-Long is a Canadian Artist based in Calgary, Alberta. A deep love of nature and a need for adventure are the inspiration for her artworks. She creates bright, colourful and bold contemporary acrylic paintings. Her home surroundings in both the city and the nearby mountains have influenced her painting’s mixture of concise lines and strong blended colours. Her eye for simple shapes, rich saturated colours, and strong solid lines makes her style unique and immediately recognizable. She uses a multimedia process of drawing her images out with tape, painting over the image and removing the tape in the final reveal of the art piece.

Amanda studied Graphic Design at ACAD, and Engineering Design and Drafting Technology at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta. After a career as a Draftsman in the Petroleum Industry, she raised her children and stayed busy painting murals. These very different backgrounds have greatly influenced her painting style. Amanda has now progressed her passion for painting and the outdoors into a full time career. She is an avid hiker, mountain biker and skier, where she finds endless inspiration for her modern landscape and wildlife artwork. Amanda’s artwork can be found in private collections across Canada, USA and Germany.

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