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Regeneration (Fireweed Study)

Regeneration (Fireweed Study)

"Fireweed is one of my favourite plants. The symbolism it offers of new life, perseverance, and growth after destruction have always felt so pertinent. Fireweed is a plant that blooms and thrives after wildfire. It serves as a food source for animals and pollinators, bringing renewed life and vitality to an area that has been decimated. This flower reminds us of the profound capacity for renewal within our ecosystems. Fireweed's presence signifies the inherent strength of the natural world and is a reminder of the intricate balance that exists between destruction and creation. I started painting these, without really consciously thinking about their significance, after the fire in Maui and while the evacuations were going on up north and in the Okanagan here in Canada. With the grief and anxiety of watching and hearing about our world burning, perhaps I was painting these in the need of some hope that the world will regenerate and continue, in its own way, after the fires."



Kat Williamson



Acrylic on Cradled Board



10" h x 10" w

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