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Laundromat or art gallery? We are a commercial art gallery right in the heart of the revitalized, historic downtown pedestrian area of BC’s Best Small Town: Kimberley .   


Since our building housed laundry facilities for approximately 50 years, we decided to keep calling it “The Laundromat” with a little nod to Andy Warhol's studio “The Factory”, hence the pop-art logo design. 

With an approximately 1,600 square feet wide open space right in the heart of downtown Kimberley and our 13' x 8 1/2' x 10" stage, "The Laundromat" is a great space to hold your meeting, reception, workshop, concert, and other events.


Let the amazing artwork in the art gallery elevate your event and inspire your guests. Please contact us for availability at or 250-432-9225.

Rental Rate:

  • Hourly rental rate $75, minimum rental duration: 4 hours.

  • Damage deposit $500.

  • Cleaning fee $50.


Rental Info:

  • Square footage: approximately 1,600 square feet

  • Stage measurements: 158 x 102 x 10"

Website_dance floor I.jpg
Website_dance floor II.jpg
Website_party I.jpg
Website_Light show.jpg
Website_party II.jpg
Photos by Frida 012.jpg
Photos by Frida 010.jpg
Photos by Frida 023.jpg
Photos by Frida 024.jpg

Photos by Frida Viklund

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