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"In Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, this tree stump exists off the beaten path. It is hollowed out by what looks like a fire…as do many other stumps that are this big in the area. You could fit around 8-10 adults in this hollowed stump! I added architecture from my neighbourhood in the tree stump to represent the scale of our human existence to the vast environment that surrounds us. The buildings in the tree stump are using the stump for shelter except it is half burned and open at the top. We rely on these trees for so much of our lives and yet take it for granted. When there’s a natural disaster that takes away our resources, we lament, but do not actually change our mindset or habits that could help maintain our resources. I hope that this painting can inspire others to appreciate what we have so that we can make certain decisions and changes in our lives that can help the longevity of our environment and therefore, our lives."



Crystal Rassi


Oil on Canvas



48" h x 60" w

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