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Friction Fit

Friction Fit

"Friction has two meanings. The first is the force that resists motion when the surfaces of one object come in contact with the surface of another. In this image, the house is held up by the friction of the resistance of movement between two trees. This is common use of construction when dealing with masonry arches. The second meaning that friction is an animosity or clash of opinions or wills. It represents tension. In this image, since the house is held up only by the friction of two points rather than a full surface, it gives the viewers a sense of curiosity or tension about whether or not the house may fall in a high wind, or questions integrity of the friction when the trees move. One wonders how the house got there in the first place and if - perhaps with a little help - it may make a great treehouse with a wonderful view!"



Crystal Rassi


Oil on Canvas



24”h x 18”w

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