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3 Maple Key Mobile

3 Maple Key Mobile

"Helicopters, Whirligigs, and Samaras. Acorns, Fairy cups and elven caps. Seeds and pods. Each possesses a natural fascination. Once freed of their limb the journey begins, carried by wind and water and joyful little hands. The majority come to nothing; some are trampled underfoot by those who pass beneath and others because that is what they were meant to do. These pieces are attempting to represent the delicacy and fragility of the process of creating life. Not every seed sown will root and grow and even those are precious in their own way. My seeds are a celebration of the ephemeral intricacies of the process of beginnings. Sometimes embarking on the path to creation there are many attempts and many seeds until finally there grows a single tree. I make each seed individually and no two are alike."



Kyla Richards



Epoxy, Metal

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