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Kyla Richards

My small scale hyper realistic figurative sculptures are a product of both obsession and compulsion. I obsess until I am compelled to create, I create until the obsession transitions. However, the act of obsession and compulsion never abates, it merely relocates. It is a process by which I attempt to achieve clarity of things around me and within me. I have always felt the need to do so even as a child. The infant dominates my current work, whether it be a commentary on its status in society (as a commodity), or an exploration of aesthetics, I have continued to sculpt babies since before the birth of my first daughter. After her birth my obsession focussed almost exclusively upon babies. She was the first newly born human that I had encountered in my life and the nature of her form permanently imprinted upon me. They are a thing created to live within the womb and before the transition that takes place in the first hour post partum, they are a creature completely alien to this world. This constant remaking and adaptation fascinates. Find out more about Kyla's sculpting process:

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