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At "The Laundromat" from June 1 to July 3, 2022: a solo art exhibition by Kimberley-based, Japanese artist Rico. This solo art exhibiton features Rico's incredible, unique one-line drawings of her travels, adventures in Canada, and life in BC's Best Small Town: Kimberley.

About 10 years ago Rico casually started creating one-line drawings on long pieces of paper while on her way from her house to the hospital to visit her grandmother. When creating her one-line drawings, Rico walks around and draws what she sees by putting her pen on the paper without lifting it until the drawing is complete. Then she moves on to the next drawing and connects the line in between. The long pieces of paper form an accordion book to be enjoyed as a book and as a long picture. Rico uses watercolour paint to make these unique one-line drawings come to life. Part of Rico's art exhibition is a free one-line drawing demonstration and a community one-line drawing project; join in on the fun!

Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday, 10-6 | Saturday 10-5 | Sunday 11-4

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