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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Sasha, Katrin, and Tim are a young Ukrainian family that found themselves, like so many others, without a home when Russia invaded. They fled from their home in Kiev.Through a generous offer, housing in Kimberley was secured and funds are being raised to support this family for the first year that they are here, so they can settle well without any worries of finances.

As part of Elaine and her daughter Lauren’s art exhibition at Art Gallery Kimberley in July 2022, Kimberley-based artist Elaine who is famous for her exquisite Sock Monkeys created a wool needle-felted character called a "Blobby" that was inspired by the famous gesture of a Ukrainian soldier on Snake Island to the Russian ship offshore this past February. Ukraine memorialized that moment with a postage stamp. Elaine partnered with Summit Church pastor Elizabeth Jorgensen to donate the proceeds of the silent auction of her Blobby to this family.

Barbara Rocae's generous winning bid helped change this "Blobby" creature into a force for good in our world. By helping this Ukrainian family escape war and resettle in our community, the first step has been taken for Sock Monkeys and Blobbies around the world to unite to lessen human suffering. Any more ideas for ways that they can help?

Many thanks to everyone that donated to this cause. All donations are used to support Sasha, Katrin, and Tim with their monthly financial needs. (In the photo from left to right: Elizabeth Jorgensen, Barbara Rocae, and Elaine Rudser)

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