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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Saturday, November 18 through Sunday, December 24, 2023 | Open daily!

Opening hours Christmas Art Market

Sunday through Wednesday: noon - 4 pm

Thursday through Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm

And a little something special for yourself

November is that time of year when Art Gallery Kimberley transforms into a festive Christmas art market. People can gear up for Christmas by shopping at this art market in the cosy and merry downtown of BC’s Best Small Town: Kimberley.

Owner and operator of the gallery, Irma de Visser, came up with the idea of organising a pop-up Christmas art market after she decided to start her own art gallery in the space that for decades used to be the laundromat. Irma knew the renovations would still be in full swing come Christmas, but she thought it would be fun to take a leap of faith and organise a market in the unfinished space, not knowing what this would look like exactly. It worked out very well, and many local artists got to showcase and sell their creations.

After opening the gallery four months after wrapping up the first Christmas art market, Irma decided to host a mini version of the Christmas market in the (solo) art exhibition space in the gallery, and to make this an annual event. The 2023 Christmas Art Market is the third edition of this celebration of art and the Holidays where people can find the perfect gifts for their loved ones and perhaps a little something special for themselves.

With many talented artists and artisans in the area and limited space, selecting the vendors for the market is challenging. Fortunately, there are several art markets being held in the region, so lots of opportunities for creatives to show and sell. The gallery’s Christmas art market will be open daily starting on Saturday, November 18th and will run until December 24th.

The vendors at this year’s event are: Grant Smith, Jolene Miner, Joseph Cross, Sam Millard (How Original Art), Sharon Cross, Tammy Morrison-Koenig (Eclectic Studio Tammy), and Terry Anne Wilson. Visitors can expect to find a nice selection of fine art; giclées and digital prints; wreaths; ornaments; pottery; books; poetry; art cards; gem soaps; notebooks/journals; homewares; wearables; and more.

Connecting artists with each other and the community is what brings Irma the most joy while organising an event like the Christmas art market. There will be an opportunity for this during the opening reception on Saturday, November 18th between 7 and 9 pm. Everyone is welcome to join in a fabulous evening at the gallery with Mary Virgin Gin cocktails by Bohemian Spirits (by donation to the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank Society); food; music; and lots of great art and crafts.

The opening hours for the 2023 Christmas Art Market are Sunday through Wednesday from noon to 4 pm and Thursday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. Visitors can find “The Laundromat” - home of Art Gallery Kimberley - at 167 Deer Park Avenue, right in the heart of Kimberley, BC.


Christmas Art Market opening event on Saturday, November 18, 2023, between 7 and 9 pm!

Come join us and some wonderful (local) artists for a fabulous evening at the gallery with Mary Virgin Gin cocktails by Bohemian Spirits*, food, music, and lots of great art and crafts.

*by donation to the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank Society

Artists on site: Amanda Long, Grant Smith, Joseph Cross, Laurie Crawford, LaVerna Peters, Marianne Rennick, Michele Doucette, Sharon Cross, Tammy Morrison-Koenig, Van Colden, and others to be confirmed. Bookmonger Erin Dalton (Huckleberry Books) will be joining us as well. We are all looking forward to meeting you!

Stay in the Platzl that night for the traditional Countdown to Christmas late night shop.


"To my way of seeing, the success of a watercolour painting is dependent on the accuracy of the initial drawing and the decisiveness of the colours and paint strokes. Watercolours are easily taken on excursions where one might only have a couple of hours or so to complete a painting or spend time contemplating the scene, making drawings and taking photographs to be used later in the comfort of the studio."

Kimberley-based artist Grant Smith works predominantly with watercolour or oil paints and landscapes and wildlife are favourite subjects.

Jolene Miner uses juicy colours and rich textures to create mixed media paintings and paper-based works.

She earned her BFA from the University of Saskatchewan and now creates in her home studio in the bustling mountain town of Fernie, BC. Jolene uses a variety of mediums as her art practice flows between painting, drawing, bookmaking and collage. She finds inspiration in the unselfconscious exploration of materials and the transformational power of colour and line.

Joseph Cross has lived in Cranbrook, BC since 1974. His professional art career started in 1978 after working for several years in the business and finance industry.

A self-taught artist, Joseph works in several mediums (oils, pastels, and pen and ink). His work includes murals, done in Kenora, Ontario and several in Cranbrook. He enthusiastically shares his love of art through the joy of teaching others.

Sam Millard was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Canada in 2008. She likes to think she possesses the best of both worlds; English humour, sarcasm and tolerance for inclement weather as well as Canadian kindness, sense of adventure and a mild obsession of maple syrup.

​Sam's artistic style began developing in her birth country and the content of her current work shows her love for her adopted country.

Sam studied art at Long Road College in Cambridge, UK, where she discovered magic and movement in works of cubism and futurism. These gave her a starting point for her complex artistic style development. Through this style, she likes to surprise the viewer and keep them engaged with the artwork for more than a glance.

Sam's beautiful, uplifting artworks are made to help you reconnect with nature and bring positive vibes into your life.

Sharon Cross started making soap from scratch in the 1980’s. She started working with glycerine soap to create gem-like soaps in 1995. Playing with soap is Sharon's creative outlet and she finds it soul-filling work. Playing with different ideas, some of which have come in dreams, resulted in some exciting creations!

Glycerine soap is a skin softening agent, with a wonderfully rich lather that doesn’t leave soap scum. Essential oils are added for additional benefits to the skin and the sense of smell (which can also affect our well-being or moods.) Everyone uses soap, so why not make it a sensory experience?

Sharon's Touch the Earth Gem Soaps are quite the conversation piece.

Tammy Morrison of Eclectic Studio is an artist, instructor, mom and entrepreneur that was born in south central Saskatchewan but spent most of her life moving, with regularity, throughout western Canada thus influencing the kaleidoscope of colors and eclectic style. Throughout all her travels art has always been a large part of her makeup and she is constantly evolving her subject matter and the way she tells her artistic stories.

Tammy has been selling her works semi-professionally since 1996 and have pieces in public galleries and private collections throughout the world. She has been featured in local, national, and international news reels and publications and has had her work travel with the Sketchbook project making stops at the major galleries and shows in the United States in 2011 where eventually she joined other artists in featuring their works in the Brooklyn Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (2011-2021).

After taking a 10-year hiatus to go back to school and raise her kids, she is ready to get back in the saddle. These days she can be found in her studio in Kingsgate, BC surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Moyie river or teaching workshops or paint nights throughout the region.

Terry Anne Wilson: "Having lived many years overseas, decorating for Christmas often meant being creative with unexpected materials. In Qatar, friends and I crafted wreaths and garlands for a Christmas Bazaar and while the proceeds went to charity, making lasting pieces brought me joy. Other countries followed, each one bringing the opportunity to integrate bespoke items to each place… seashells in Oman, felt decorations in Norway, dried tropical fruit in India.

The symbolism of wreaths dates back to Etruscan culture - garlands entwined from ivy, olive leaves, myrtle & laurel - now, I reimagine each one to bring warmth and the Christmas spirit to your home. I find making wreaths a tangible counterpoint to my writing and an expression of giving and glad tidings that remains year after year."

"Father Christmas" by Kyla Richards

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