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Neal Panton

Neal Panton is a fine art photographer who specializes primarily in landscapes. He favours large-format prints and panoramas.
“Photography for me is the purest and most personal way I can share what I feel about life,” says Neal. “I try to create photos that are not passive but more reflective. In this reflection viewers can discover their own unique meaning and deeper connection to my photographs. I make images intended to quiet the restless mind like the snow crunching underfoot in the dead of a winter night. My photography inhabits a wordless world where every detail and texture resonates.”
Neal has been photographing since 1984, exhibiting since 1992, and is primarily self-taught. He has won or been nominated for over a dozen awards, some in the Columbia Basin region, others from Europe and the USA.
He has worked as a photojournalist for Reuters, taught photography and visual literacy, been published in over 25 countries, had 15 solo exhibits and 58 group exhibits in Canada, Europe, the United States, and South America, and self-published eight books showcasing his images. His most recent exhibit was at the 2021 Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl.

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