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Andy-Elaine Alfoldy

The lives of Andy and Elaine have been deeply rooted in the Creston Valley's Canyon Community for 48 years. Their paintings are inspired by the interesting tapestry of the people, the land, the farms, and the gardens that surrounded them through every passing season.

For Andy, the great outdoors served as both muse and sanctuary. He would venture into the wilderness to camp, fish, prospect, and log. Guided by an appreciation for the past, he often incorporated nostalgic elements into his art, celebrating the heritage of the region.

Meanwhile, Elaine found inspiration in the presence of the Country Lady, a familiar figure she encountered in her daily life. Whether engaged in chores on the land, tending to farm animals, baking, or quilting. Immersing herself in the artistic process, Elaine enjoyed painting en plein air and drawing alongside friends.

Formally establishing their art practice in 1970 after their graduation from the Vancouver School of Art (now known as Emily Carr University of Art and Design) in 1967, Andy and Elaine’s creations found homes in collections of art enthusiasts around the glove through sales at galleries, stores, craft fairs, art shows, and their very own Alfoldy Gallery, which flourished from 1982 to 2022.

Andy and Elaine’s art cards represent their artworks documented over 50 years in different mediums from slides and film to digital images. Watercolour on delicate tissue and traditional papers, as well as vibrant dyed fabric batiks, were the primary mediums for these artworks. More recently, Elaine has ventured into using acrylics on canvas or board. Elaine has also been drawn into the digital realm, where she has found inspiration in drawing on her trusty tablet - a daily ritual that soothes her creative spirit.

In November 2022, Andy and Elaine said “goodbye” to Creston and moved to Cranbrook, a mere 100 kilometres away. This transition marked a significant change for the artistic couple, as they traded country living for the embrace of apartment dwelling.

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