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Ode to Bob Ross
  • Ode to Bob Ross

    "One day last year, a friend said I should be the next Bob Ross. The last I watched Bob Ross was between 25-30 years ago. This painting is the realization of how he and his happy little trees were formative in my development as a painter without me even realizing it! As a child, I watched Bob Ross with pleasure and amazement at how he could so easily create a peaceful and magical world that I could visualize myself wandering in, all from his imagination. Bob made it look so easy! Rather than following reference photos, he stayed in the present moment, creating his own world with his soft encouraging demeanour. I value his gentle spirit, ability to be present, and talent for creating peaceful places; these same qualities motivate my art-making process. Cheers to Bob and his beautiful energy!"



    Kimberly Olson



    Acrylic on Panel Board, Acrylic Ink



    30" diameter

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