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This is by far the COOLEST PORSCHE HOOD we've ever seen, and it will be on display at the gallery during Kimberley, BC's FLANNEL FEST.

This unique artwork needs to be seen in person, and this is your one and likely ONLY CHANCE to see it IN THE KOOTENAYS.

Calgary artists Michele Doucette and Rita Thorp are organising their second art exhibition at the Porsche dealership in Calgary this spring. For this occasion, they have collaborated on painting the hood of a Porsche 911 donated by Porsche Centre Calgary. This amazing, one-of-a-kind car hood is a raffle prize with the proceeds going to CUPS Calgary who for 34 years and counting have supported Calgary’s most vulnerable population, those impacted by poverty, trauma, and systemic marginalization, with a unique integrated approach to care.

Please stop by the gallery to see these rare gems (the Porsche hood and Michele) on Friday, February 16th; Saturday, February 17th; and/or Sunday, Feburary 18th.

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