Rico was born in a house filled with her father's paintings in Japan and she started drawing when she was just a baby. Since then she has been working naturally with various techniques like drawing, painting and paper collage.

Rico received a BA in Visual Communication Design from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan in 2006, and a BA in Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Japan, The Netherlands, and Canada, and she has taught workshops in Japan and Canada.

Rico likes to represent ordinary things, such as a tree, a building, and people on the street in an original, positive, and colourful way. Exploring new techniques and subject matter, and seeing the unexpected finished work gives her the most pleasure in creating art.

For her art book project called “One Line”, she creates one-line drawings on long pieces of paper that form an accordion book. While walking around, she draws what she sees by using a single line without lifting her pen and uses watercolour paint to make these drawings come to life.

Rico started creating one-line drawings about 13 years ago on the way from her house to the hospital to visit her beloved grandmother. She walked around and drew what she saw on the street, train and also in the hospital. Seeing the book that she made during the trip to visit her grandmother was quite an interesting experience for her. She found that the one-line drawing book is a curious reminder of the feeling of temperature, light, and walking speed when she was drawing. They contain certain memories of the flow of the time and space she travelled around in.

One-line drawing is Rico’s version of taking photographs, but they give a totally different experience. She has made about 40 accordion books and also illustrated a picture book “Cinnamon Bear Comes to Town” with the one-line drawing technique. Most of them were made in Jasper, Alberta where she lived for 9 years.

The longest book Rico has made is 225 inch long. It is about her vacation in 2016. It started in Canada where she lives and moved to Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Japan and came back to Canada. Rico says “I am obsessed with creating art and curious about what I will create next”.

Rico currently lives and works in Kimberley, where she is enjoying the interesting dynamics of small-town living in the beautiful nature of British Columbia, Canada.