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Ric Fedyna

"This is me. I mean him..."

Driven by adventure and inspired by nature, Ric Fedyna creates art that is informed by his experiences in the wild. He is an adventure seeker that paints, or rather; a painter that seeks adventure. He spends his time in the wild patiently observing the patterns of nature, the movement of animals, the sunrises and sunsets sweeping across the Western Canada landscapes. All this magic comes to life on canvas in his studio in southern BC. He loves to share stories of his adventures, the land and his experiences with the majestic creatures he paints. Ric will never let go of his passion for painting and his quest for adventure. It's what feeds his soul. "I hope to leave a legacy of art that will be passed on for generations."

Ric rarely refers to himself in the third person. Unless of course he is writing his own bio for Art Gallery Kimberley ;-).

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