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Petra Hekkenberg

Petra Hekkenberg grew up in the Netherlands, where she graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in Product and Public Space Design. At her graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven she received the Connection Award for excellent interpersonal skills.

Design is not Petra's only passion; for some years her focus lay on her volleyball career, after which she travelled to Southern Africa to see the wildlife and to volunteer at Penduka Namibia, a training centre for less privileged women. Returning there every few years, she has now designed and built 3 playgrounds in the townships and remote villages of Namibia.

When Petra came to British Columbia seven years ago - as she puts it: “to live in a cabin in the woods for a year”, she instantly fell in love with the mountains and small villages of the West-Kootenay. In 2019 she became a proud Permanent Resident of Canada.

Petra currently works locally as a freelance designer & artist; part-time at Kokanee Glacier Cabin as a hut keeper and park operator; and part-time as a cycling trip leader for "Backroads" in Europe . A full schedule, but a perfect mix of nature, people and creativity!

Petra is based out of the small community New Denver, BC, which serves as her biggest inspiration.

(Photo by Whitney Taylor)

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