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Michele Doucette

”Sometimes in life, the risk you are afraid to take is the one that changes your entire life" (Kylie Francis). The above quote describes Michele’s journey into the world of Art. Painting became a passion discovered at a time when she needed it most, following an unforeseen & complex health issue that has immeasurably changed her life. Michele’s past experience as an athlete, personal trainer & outdoor enthusiast prepared her to enter the world of painting…being comfortable with the uncomfortable & confident being uncertain. The opportunity to explore her artistic side with intention, has been exciting, as she discovered a natural affinity to put brush to paint & bring images to life on canvas. She prefers to paint on medium to large scale canvas. Michele, uses acrylic paint combined with an array of mediums, techniques, tools & shades of colour to create a pleasing & intriguing balance between artistic impression and reality. Although self taught, Michele’s effortless ability to execute these techniques and her eye for composition is a gift she is excited to share. Her introduction into the world of Art has been a whirlwind with the creation of an abundance of artwork consisting of mountain scapes & wildlife images - some of which haven been recognized with awards in international Art competitions. Most recently, Michele has become one of the artists featured at the “Art Gallery Kimberly'' in British Columbia. Michele has also had tremendous success with another Calgary artist hosting her first collaborative art show, which resulted in selling over 1/2 of her paintings on the first evening. Michele is drawn to painting mountain scapes of exceptional experiences & hikes that are memorable to her. Her brush strives to find a balance between artistic impression & reality which gives her freedom to lose herself in her painting to create a feeling rather than replicating the finer details of the image. She is also passionate about painting wildlife in ways that express the connections she feels with people that have had an impact on her life in various ways. The animals she chooses to create always capture the essence of her personal relationships & memories that she hopes you can relate to & savour. Her innovative use of texture, multiple layers of fine detailed brush strokes & an abundance of shades of colour, laid with intent, bring her work to life. Michele is drawn to create her images on a larger canvas as she feels the space gives her more room and time to adequately convey the feeling or message she wants others to experience. Allowing individuals to encounter their own internal dialogue, based on their perceptual or emotional response when observing her pieces is ultimately rewarding for Michele. Her mindfully selected vibrant colours are one of the methods she uses to create something as unique as the individual or moment that is recreated on the canvas. Her ability to combine texture and colour creates depth and dimension that are tactile and bring her images to life in a way that invites you to reach out and touch them, as if in that moment, you have been immersed in that personal journey Michele has recreated. She has an ability to effortlessly draw attention to that moment in time and elicit those emotions that allow others to connect to her works. Michele is Calgary-based and is grateful for her proximity to the mountains to enjoy adventures that will inspire her next creative pieces. She is very involved supporting her local community and has donated her artwork to raise funds and promote local wildlife conservation efforts. Additional organisations supporting child health and education have also benefited from Michele’s generosity. Above all, Michele has always maintained a common and consistent belief: do it with passion or not at all.

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