Michele Doucette

Michele grew up as a very athletic individual but also had an artistic quality. When she was sidelined from playing sports, Michele would sit down to draw occasionally and never thought to pursue art as anything more than an occasional rainy-day hobby. After a career in finance and choosing to stay at home while her children were young, Michele decided to pursue her passion for fitness by becoming certified as a personal trainer. Recently, Michele has been forced to significantly slow down her active lifestyle due to a diagnosis of POTS. This is where Michele Doucette, the Artist, was born! This self-taught artist has a love and deep connection with the mountains and simply enjoys all that nature has to offer. Michele loves the challenge of a hike taking her to high peaks well above the tree line with panoramic views, this is where she finds the inspiration for her art. Michele loves to explore texture and finds ways to work it into any subject she paints. Michele is also drawn to colour and her inquisitive side leads her to explore new ideas and methods with her paintings. Her style will continue to evolve as there is no limit to the creativity that Michele seems to possess.
Michele's story on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0gv9GYc7_Gw