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David Barnes

Art has been a driving force in David's life. From working with clay in school to establishing his first ceramics business "Higham Pottery," in 1977 and designing and building his own sailboat, he has been immersed in the world of creativity. With a passion for both two and three-dimensional art, David finds joy in working with various materials, demonstrating versatility, skill, and determination.

When David met his future wife, Glynis Martyn, her passion for English equestrian activities sparked his interest in horse riding. This led to a change in hobbies and, eventually, their marriage. Relocating to Sandwich, Kent, David founded "Summerfield Pottery," where he continued his craft of production throwing and teaching. In 1997, David took on the role of "Part-time" Head of Ceramics at South Kent College, further enriching his teaching experience. His artistic talents received recognition in 1998 when he was commissioned to create a sculpture for the Millennium, resulting in the unveiling of "Hands and Molecules" in Ramsgate, Kent, in 2000.

Seeking a new chapter, David and Glynis moved to France in the early 2000s, where they restored a Napoleonic farmhouse and pursued their artistic and equestrian passions. However, sensing shifts in the European economic landscape, they eventually found fresh opportunities in Black Diamond, Alberta where they established "Eversfield Equestrian" in 2006, and eventually opened a ceramics teaching workshop in 2013. Adjusting to the altitude and exploring new artistic avenues, David delved into the intricate world of glazes and materials, showcasing his creations in various galleries in Alberta and BC.

With a steadfast commitment to artistic exploration and growth, David continues to seek new avenues for expression and connection through his craft.

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