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The Rising at Rundle

The Rising at Rundle

"I have yet to hike Mount Rundle completely, but have always admired it every time I am in Canmore or Banff, therefore, it was the inspiration behind this painting. I have always been enamoured by the way the sun rises over the mountains in the morning and as it sets at the end of the day.  Given I am more of a morning person, I have often contemplated getting up and doing a hike up to a mountain peak or ridge, where I can sit on top of the world and watch the glow of the sun off the mountains as it rises. This painting is a colourful impression of what I imagine it would look like just before the sun takes that first peek over the ridge of the mountains at early dawn.  The colours to me feel fresh and the bright glow of the teal in the distance just feels like the day is going to be a fresh start full of possibilities." 


Michele Doucette


Acrylic on Canvas



30"h x 48"w 

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