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Starry Summit

Starry Summit


"A tribute to my favourite artist and a cherished addition to the Soulful Wonders of the Wild Collection. Starry Summit emerged from a transformative journey to New York City in 2023, to witness the brilliance of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” My painting is an attempt to weave the delicate threads of artistic resonance with the unbridled beauty of nature’s peaks. Starry Summit stands as an artistic reflection of the poignant moment when I stood before Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, a symphony of vibrant blues and textured nuances. This experience standing before that stunning painting, stirred within me the realization that an artist from centuries past painted with a timeless passion - a passion that, as a contemporary artist, I am privileged to share and celebrate in a world that recognizes its profound value. At its core, this soulful painting marries Van Gogh’s vibrant blues with the awe-inspiring sentinel of Fisher Peak. Though I have yet to conquer that majestic peak, its allure resonates within me much like the impact of admiring Van Gogh’s paintings on that personally moving day. Starry Summit captures the tactile sensation of standing amidst nature’s beauty and the delicate dreams that Van Gogh once translated onto canvas - a beautiful blend of the tangible and the intangible. This unique creation is my endeavour to blend Van Gogh’s essence within my own artistic style, serving as a reminder that I am not merely an observer of art’s legacy, but an active  articipant. While I will never fully replicate the legacy of Van Gogh’s mesmerizing masterpieces, I am leaving behind a piece of myself, a heartfelt chapter in the story of my life. "



Michele Doucette



Acrylic on Board



24" h x 48" w

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