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In addition to his solo art exhibition, Grant Smith has completed an artwork to support Wildsight’s Mountain Caribou Recovery Program. The artist's proceeds of the sale of this unique artwork will be donated to this program.

Mountain Caribou Recovery Project | Wire, Wooden Pegs on Masonite Board | $450

Dimensions in inches: 16 h x 20 w x 1 d

“In hope of seeing the restoration of the mountain caribou to their former ranges in southern British Columbia and Idaho, I have spent time creating their shapes in wire and pegging them firmly back into place”.

In healthy ecosystems, where prey animals are abundant, wolves chase elk to panic the herd, hoping to separate any old, injured or weak elk which then become the wolves' preferred meals. However, when elk herds become too small, a larger number of healthier elk are taken by the wolves, further diminishing the viability of the herd and upsetting Nature's balance

The South Purcell mountain caribou herd was extirpated in 2019. To bring the mountain caribou back to southeastern British Columbia careful stewardship over the next several decades is required. For more information, visit Wildsight at and get involved.

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