May 2022 Exhibition

By Grant Smith
"In my recent artwork, I have spent time in reverence of our local predators. Bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes, Canada lynx, wolverines, foxes, pine martens and badgers - their sentiency approximates our own and their physical beauty is tremendous."

"Also, I have reflected on what we were all taught in school, that predators keep a herd of prey animals from getting too large by killing the young, the old, the sick and the injured. However, the balance between predators and prey animals is a precarious one, easily upset by the loss and destruction of suitable habitat."

"And finally, Kimberley and Wycliffe are home to many distinctive pine and fir trees. Many of our local trees chronicle hard-lived lives growing atop the Buttes in Wycliffe or witnessing the growth of Kimberley as it has changed from a mining town to one of recreation¸ retirement and new families."