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Marg Scott

"I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to discovering my creative side as an artist. My career in
finances was far from the world of painting. It was our artist son Lowell, who encouraged me to take up
painting in retirement 10 years ago. Retiring to Kimberley has helped bring out my creative energy."

"Besides painting, gardening has been a passion and my husband and I have enjoyed designing our
colourful oasis in our yard. I tend to look at the world through very different eyes, finding
inspiration in details that I had the tendency to overlook before. I am fascinated with textures, colours
and shapes, finding the beauty in clouds, trees, mountains and nature through an artist’s eyes."

"Canadian artists who have inspired me over the years include Neil Swanson, Rod Charlesworth, Steve
Coffey and Maryanne Jesperson. Owning Art is a very personal thing and giving art as a gift makes it
even more special."

"Basically I am a self-taught artist, taking the occasional online or Zoom course in Oil or Watercolour,
plus instruction from guest artists through our local We Paint group out of Kimberley’s Centre 64. Early
on I decided to focus on watercolour greeting cards as a gift to friends or family. This idea led me to
present these original watercolour cards to small businesses throughout Kimberley. I am thrilled at how
widely accepted these unique cards have been by residents and tourists alike. I add a brilliant splash of
colour to an abstract landscape and I have now created this whimsical world where I can get lost in my

"It is important to me to produce affordable artworks that can easily be shared, given as a gift to friends or
loved ones as framed or table art. During these past three years of Covid, people have returned to
sending cards with a special message of love and support. I am so pleased to be part of this old tradition.
Please follow my imaginative journey on Instagram – scottjmj_painting and Facebook - Art by Marg Scott."

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