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Kootenay Culture

"Kootenay (Ktunaxa*) Culture" Open Art Exhibition | February 1-25, 2023
A Celebration of art and The Kootenays

22 artist | 38 artworks

Participating artists:
Adrienne Durand, Amanda Maglis-Long, Anton Zanesco, Ashley Alexandra, Darlene Purnell, Ellen Chase, Fran McKay, Joanne Armstrong, Judy Winter, Karen McDonald, Kyla Richards, Laurie Crawford, Leonard Matte, Lianna Swanson, Lori Fontaine, Lynne Zentner, Michael Sutcliffe, Michele Doucette, Rob Toller, Sabrina Curtis, Sheila Milloy, and Tracey Halladay.

Artworks selected to be on displayed in the art gallery:
A Walk Through the Woods, Abstract View, Apres Ski for Three, Artists Gathered in the Kootenays II, Autumn Park, Bowl of Mountain Flowers, Brilliant Blue, Cup of Kootenay, EASTER CHAIR # 17 (Lois Creek Trails), Feels Right, Fireweed Forever, Fort Steele Water Wheel, Jumbo Pass, Kootenay Spirit, Land of Qut'muk, Mount Evans, Pocket Lake, Renew, Sturgeon Nose, The Gathering Basket, The Rock, Transcendence, Untitled, We Leave at First Light.

Artworks shortlisted for the Kootenay Art Prize:
(adjudication January 31st)

Kootenay Art Prize 2023 winner:
(selected from shortlisted artworks by draw at the opening reception)

Inspiration Award 2023 winner:
(selected from non-shortlisted artworks by draw at the opening reception)

*We acknowledge that Kimberley (k̓ukamaʔnam, pronounced: ‘koo-ka-mah-nam’) is within Ktunaxa ?amak?is (pronounced: ‘k-too-nah-ha a-mah-kis), commonly referred to as Ktunaxa Territory, the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation.

The word "Ktunaxa" in the title of this exhibition is used as the translation of the word "Kootenay" (or Kutenai) as found on the First Voices website:

As aboriginal languages are a fundamental and valued element of Canadian culture and society, we are making an effort to learn more about and be more aware of the Ktunaxa language. In the future, we hope to also be able to include some Ktunaxa words in the signage in our art gallery as well as on our website.

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