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Garden Awakens

Spring is Laura Leeder’s favourite season. She eagerly anticipates the return of colour in the land, the scent of blossoms as new growth emerges on the trees and shrubs, and the return of new birdsong. It's an energising and hopeful time of year for Laura and she enjoys capturing these feelings in her paintings.

Born in Edmonton, collage artist Laura enjoyed many summer vacations in BC. Work kept Laura and her husband in Edmonton until early retirement opened up the opportunity to move and to settle in the Creston Valley.

Four years of exploring and experimenting with many techniques and methods; working with new material; and painting specifically on wood panels - always seeking to enhance her skills and artistic experience - have resulted in Laura’s signature style: expressive, playful paintings that help her share her passion for nature, her garden, and the many feathered friends that visit it. Laura pours herself into each artwork, planting moments of joy for the viewer to discover between each intricate layer.

Laura’s explorations have cumulated in a collection of nature-inspired paintings that aims to bring people together and inspire them to consider their own connection to nature. This solo art exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity for everyone to join Laura on her journey of creating whimsical, heartwarming art and spreading hope, joy, laughter, and beauty.

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